Friday, November 28, 2008

Pimp your Frathouse with custom made beer!

Having trouble getting your drinking game ammo?

Make your own!

MR.BEER Deluxe Beer Kit Brewing System

MR.BEER® Deluxe Edition Beer Kit

With this Brew Kit, you'll brew up 2 gallons of great-tasting beer in as few as seven days, and you will be drinking your first batch in just two weeks. It is designed with simplicity, results, and ease of use in mind -- providing reliable results every time you brew.

1 Brew Keg with Lid & Tap Assembly
1 Standard Brew Pack
8 Reusable Plastic Caps
1 Brewing with MR.BEER® -- Brewer's Guide
1 Easy to Follow 4 Step Brewing Instructions

Brew Keg Fermenter (2 GAL):
Each Keg is completely reusable and will hold 2 gallons of award winning beer with every batch. It's lightweight, and shatter resistant, made from FDA compliant plastic, which imparts no taste or flavor migration. The wide mouth allows for easy cleaning.

Standard Brew Pack:
West Coast Pale Ale w/Booster™ -- This Brew Pack has all the ingredients you need to make a crisp, sparkling and refreshing beer that will satisfy your most hard-earned thirst. Light in color and body, the flavor is punctuated with an assertive clean finish. An extremely drinkable beer and a true American microbrewery favorite (could also ship with "High Country Canadian Draft").

Alcohol Content of a standard brew pack is 3.7%. Refill includes hopped malt extract (beer mix), dry brewing yeast, Booster™ and One-Step™ sanitizing cleanser.

Reusable Plastic Caps:
Eight reusable plastic bottle caps - work great with our plastic bottles, or with any PET plastic soft drink bottle.

Collect plastic soda bottles (before you need to bottle your beer) and use caps supplied with kit. Soda bottles come in many sizes and are perfect for bottling your beer. USE ONLY BOTTLES THAT HAVE PREVIOUSLY HELD CARBONATED BEVERAGES. You will be brewing 256 ounces of beer, so collect enough bottles to hold this amount. Mr.Beer® sells both glass and plastic bottles.

Brewing with MR.BEER® -- Brewer's Guide:
This informative book is a great resource for both questions about the MR.BEER® Home Microbrewery System and home brewing in general. Get answers to lots of your practical brewing questions. Also contains a few of MR.BEER's most popular recipes!

Complete, 4-Step instructions take you through the simple brewing process from start to finish.

About Alcohol Content:
The basic beer mix will provide a beer with an alcohol content equal to a standard commercial beer, but you don't have to stop there. The alcohol content of the beer is determined by the total amount of malt extract, sugars and fruit added to the beer mix. See the Brewing With MR.BEER® Brewer's Guide for more details.

Bottle Conditioned Beer:
MR.BEER® mixes are designed specifically to be carbonated in the bottle. Beers that carbonate naturally in the bottle tend to have better head retention, clarity and sparkle. With your new MR.BEER® kit, no industrial CO2 cartridges are needed to provide pressure.

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