Friday, November 28, 2008

Beer Pong Tips

10 Ways to Win at Beer Pong

1. Don’t get over-intoxicated while playing (unless you are one of the lucky few that actually starts becoming accurate after having a few drinks).
2. Practice shots in your free time (like Tiger Woods and the fellars in the video below)
3. Use the bounce shot carefully! If you’re good, when your opponents look the other way, sneak a bounce in.
4. Talk a little smack, especially if the other team is under a lot of pressure to make the last cup.
5. Show off some body parts as distraction ([over 18] chicks only please)
6. Take your time shooting. Of course this is obvious but often overlooked, like a golf shot: sometimes taking your time can win a game or three.
7. Block bounce shots!!!!! These are killer, specially if the opposite team hits the same cup. You will lose very very quickly if you don’t swat those suckers.
8. Get a good teammate. Confidence boosting, congratulatory pats on the back, same-cup sinker shots and opponent intimidation are some benefits…
9. Don’t let your cups be sitting ducks! If you have a few drinks piled up on the table waiting for you to down, make sure you drink them before your opponent sinks a cup that’s not part of the triangle. This could cost you the game depending on what rules you play by!
10. Don’t get too cocky. Yeah you may be good, but girls are pretty good beer pong players too and will usually beat you, even more so if you have a big head.


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