Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Most Amazing Foosball table ever!

Created by Airworks Inflatables for an Amstel Promotion, 22 Players can play at once!

How to make your own custom table

Now those are some great ideas, if you dont have the time and you still want to have a sweet table yet this one out.

beer pong distraction girls gone wild

Beer Pong Distraction video

Friday, November 28, 2008

Beer pong floating pool table!

Lets play Beer pong in the pool, lets plat beer pong in the pool!

nuff said

Host a Beer POng Tournament

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Need a quick fundraiser? Host a Beer Pong Tourny at your house, $20 Entrance fee, $1.00 per cup, nothing but profit, buy akeg or some cheap 30's -all green.

I did this for 4 years, just keep the breakables away!

More strip beer pong

Well this is a pretty lame strip beer pong video!

Strip Beer Pong

You know youve played Strip Beer Pong, why else did you pimp your frat house?

Strip Beer Pong

Beer Pong Tips

10 Ways to Win at Beer Pong

1. Don’t get over-intoxicated while playing (unless you are one of the lucky few that actually starts becoming accurate after having a few drinks).
2. Practice shots in your free time (like Tiger Woods and the fellars in the video below)
3. Use the bounce shot carefully! If you’re good, when your opponents look the other way, sneak a bounce in.
4. Talk a little smack, especially if the other team is under a lot of pressure to make the last cup.
5. Show off some body parts as distraction ([over 18] chicks only please)
6. Take your time shooting. Of course this is obvious but often overlooked, like a golf shot: sometimes taking your time can win a game or three.
7. Block bounce shots!!!!! These are killer, specially if the opposite team hits the same cup. You will lose very very quickly if you don’t swat those suckers.
8. Get a good teammate. Confidence boosting, congratulatory pats on the back, same-cup sinker shots and opponent intimidation are some benefits…
9. Don’t let your cups be sitting ducks! If you have a few drinks piled up on the table waiting for you to down, make sure you drink them before your opponent sinks a cup that’s not part of the triangle. This could cost you the game depending on what rules you play by!
10. Don’t get too cocky. Yeah you may be good, but girls are pretty good beer pong players too and will usually beat you, even more so if you have a big head.


Beer Pong rules

Want a quick explanation of the game? Here's a list of basic beer pong rules for quick reference.

Don't spend more than five minutes away from the table though! Go and finish the game; make up your own house rules if you must. The best part about beer pong is coming up with your own house beer pong rules!

1. What size cups do I use? Sixteen ounce Solo or Dixie cups are the most common. You will have to fill them about a fourth way up or they will tip over if you happen to be playing an opponent whose beer pong shot is comparable to Randy Johnson's fastball.
2. How much beer do I use?! That depends on how fast you plan to be drinking! Most games with 2 person teams use 3-4 beers in a ten cup game. Of course, you can use as much as fits in the cup if you really want. Just make sure when you sink a cup your opponent drinks his/her beer before shooting.
3. What do I use to shoot? Beer pong balls! Also known as ping pong balls, they are just the right weight for beer pong. They are consistent in the air yet hard to master shooting. Some people use quarters or bottle caps but that gets to be very easy once you get the hang of it.
4. How do I rack the cups? Organize the cups in a triangle formation with the pinnacle of the triangle pointing towards your opponents. Make sure the cups are close to your end of the table and make the rims of every cup touch each other.
5. OK, so who shoots first? You can flip a quarter, or shoot eye-to-eye to determine the first shot. To shoot eye-to-eye, lock your eyes with your opponent and shoot at the same time. Whoever sinks a cup first gets to shoot in the game first.
6. When do I re-rack? If you are playing ten cup beer pong two or three re-racks are typical. If you want to play a quick last game before you go party, re-rack after every made cup when your side has only four cups out of ten left.
7. Can I distract the shooters or swat the ball? Umm, you can distract your opponents however you please, but touching the ball in mid-air is an automatic one cup penalty. However, you CAN swat the ball if it hits the table or cup and bounces up!
8. Are there special throws? Yeah, if you can bounce the ball in a cup without the other team swatting your ball to smitherines, that counts as two cups.
9. How do i dominate? If you and your partner sink the same cup, that's an extra cup bonus! PLUS, the other team skips a turn and you get the balls back. If you start a game and don't miss a shot, your team can win the game without even giving the other team a chance!
10. I lost! Do I get any second chances? There is a rebuddle shot after the last cup is made, so you do have a chance to tie it up and play a three-cup overtime.

There are a few optional rules you can add to spice up your beer pong games:

* Death Shot: If you aren't up to the task of drinking your beer before you shoot each turn, your opponent can sink the cup you are drinking! The game is over and you feel shame for not drinking your beer promptly.
* Celebrity Shot - Spectators who have been eagerly following your game can request a celebrity shot if they are feeling lucky.


Beer Pong Rules

Beer Pong is a drinking game which is especially popular among college students, but can be enjoyed by any group looking for anything from a good buzz to a drunken stupor. It is generally played in pairs of two, with the teams standing at opposing ends of a flat, rectangular surface (preferably a ping pong table, but anything accepted by both teams can be used). Six or ten cups are formed in a pyramid at either end of the table, with the base of the pyramid centered at the edge of the table. The players attempt to toss or bounce ping pong balls into the cups, each of which is filled with 1/3 of a beer (or other intoxicating spirit). When a player makes a shot into a cup of the opposing team, a player from the opposing team drinks the contents of the cup and removes it from the table. The game continues in this way, with both players from one team taking a shot, followed by both players from the other team. The team that is able to clear all of the opposing team�s cups first is the winner, with the losing team splitting the contents of the winning team�s remaining cups. To begin, a player from each team takes a shot simultaneously without looking at the cups. This is repeated until one team makes, and one team misses. This decides who gets the first possestion. After the first game, the winning team gets the first shot. The elbow rule is also applied for EVERY shot. A players elbow may not cross the plane of the playing table or it does not count.It sounds simple, but the game is more complex than it first appears, as you will soon see�

Bouncing vs Tossing:
Any player taking a shot has the option of attempting to toss the ball directly into the opposing team�s cups or bouncing the ball one or more times into the cups. If a player successfully makes a bounced shot, the opposing team has to drink two cups: the one in which the shot was made and another from the pyramid. As we already know, a regular (non-bounced) toss is only worth a single cup. However, there is a catch. The defending (non-throwing) team can defend cups against bounced a shot by blocking or swatting the ball once it hits the table. The defending team can only defend a shot once the ball has hit the table, so the throwing team doesn�t take a risk by tossing instead of bouncing, as tossed shots are indefensible. Defending a toss as if it were a bounce is a sign of either drunkenness or dishonor; either way, it is punished at the very least by letting the player shoot again, if not by drinking a cup. This can be decided in a civil fashion by both sides using their best judgment, taking into account the circumstances surrounding the infraction.

Although the cups begin in a pyramid, they don�t necessarily stay that way. As there are more holes in the pyramid from removing cups, it gets more difficult to make shots. To account for this, a team must �re-rack� at certain numbers of remaining cups in order to keep a compact shape at which their opponents can shoot. Each team gets 2 re-racks per game at any time. Use them wisely. A standard rule of thumb is to take one with 6 cups remaining, and with 2 or 3 cups remaining.

-Take note that as at the beginning, the bottom cup must be flush with the end of the table after re-racks as well.
One more detail about re-racks: they don�t take place until the end of a turn. If, for example, the first shooter on opposing team hits a shot, dropping their opponents� cups from 7 to 6, the cups aren�t re-racked for the second shooter on that turn. This happens on that team�s next turn.

The rebuttal rule only applies at the end of the game. When one team has all of their cups eliminated, they haven�t lost yet. Each player on the team which has had their cups eliminated gets to shoot until they miss. If and when they both miss and there are still cups remaining on their opponents� side, they lose and proceed to drink what�s left of their opponents� alcohol. But, this does give them a chance to come back and force overtime (which will be explained later). There is an exception to the rebuttal rule: when it comes into conflict with the Make It-Take it rule, Make It-Take it is observed. This occurs when, for example, there are two cups remaining on a side and the shooters from the opposing team each make their shot, clearing the table. Under usual circumstances, they would get the balls back and shoot again, which in this case gives them the victory because it�s their turn and they cleared the table. Rebuttal doesn�t take place when the team that clears the table earns Make it-Take it. The game just ends. This isn�t just an arbitrary choice of one rule over another; there is some logic behind it. Rebuttal is simply the last turn for the losing team. Make it-Take it means you lose your turn when the other team makes both cups on the same turn�so if you think about it, you�re losing your turn if this happens to you; it just happens to be your last turn. In short: Make it-Take it is observed before rebuttal when they come into conflict.

Pulling the Cups:
This rule makes the game a little more exciting. Once your opponent makes a shot into one of your cups, it is in your best interest to pull that cup immediately, because if the other member of that team makes a shot into the same cup, the game is over and you end up drinking a lot of booze (which may or may not be a good thing). There is no penalty if you incidentally interfere with the second shot from the opposing team because you are trying to pull the cup out of the way; just be honorable about it. Once again: if two shots are made in the same cup on the same turn, game over. Another way that is widely accepted is to leave the cup if the first ball is made. If the second shot is made in the same cup, it results in 3 cups instead of game over. House rules apply.

Rim Shots:
Occasionally, the ball will quickly circle around the rim or inside of the glass before it hits the bottom instead of just going right in. When a ball is doing this, the shot isn�t made yet. The defenders have an opportunity to knock the ball out of the glass before it hits the liquid. Here, house rules apply. Some play by the popular saying, �Bitches blow, dicks flick,� which refers to the sex of the players and how they are allowed to defend these shots based on their sex. This means that women are only allowed to blow the ball out of the cup, while men can only flick the ball out with their fingers. Others play by allowing any player to flick the ball out with their fingers. This point should be decided before the game starts to avoid drunken disagreements.

As with any drinking game, spills are inevitable. If you spill one of your cups, there is no penalty. You�re just dumb, because you lost that cup and just gave your opponents a freebee. You may even have booze all over your pants. Shitty, huh?

Once a shot is taken, it is considered a live ball. We already know that the defending team can�t interfere with a non-bounced shot. Once the ball comes in contact with anything but the bottom of the cup, it is live, meaning it can be defended or it can still be made in the cup. For example, if a shot is taken and it bounces of a defender�s chest and goes in a cup; that counts. If a shot is taken and it hits the wall and goes in a cup, same deal. Keep your head on a swivel, or some crazy shit can happen.

If, on rebuttal, a team is able to eliminate all of their opponents� cups, regulation ends in a tie. But there won�t be any ties in beer pong, as drunken shit talking must be facilitated. Each team fills up three more cups, and racks them as three should be racked, according to the diagram in the �re-rack� section. Then, resume play under the same rules. If, by some improbable twist of fate, overtime ends in a tie, continue playing overtimes until a winner is decided or you can no longer maintain balance (or, God forbid, you run out of beer).

As this author is out of ideas about what to put in these rules, just decide any other point of disagreement by asking the host of your party, or, if this person is for some reason incapacitated, someone else that knows what the hell they are doing. One more thing: for those guys that get all belligerent about beer pong disputes because of their competitive nature or drunkenness, it�s just a game at a party, so relax and have fun.

Game on.


Tournament Foosball - Pimp my table

Amazing Trick Shots - Foosball

Yeah, you thought you were good!

Amazing Trick shot Foosball

Foosball Rules

Basic Rules of Foosball.
You want to play but you don't want to deal with all the technicalities! Here are the 3 Golden Rules!
I. Tables have 9 Balls, so you play best out of 9 which is first team to 5 goals.
II. If a ball goes into the goal legally, it is a point, no matter who hit it.

IV. Here are some more rules you should 'try' to use as well!
1. Coin toss to see who serves first.
2. Serve the ball through the hole any way you want, but you must touch the ball with a man before you score.
3. After goals, team scored UPON serves the ball.
5. Ball off the table is given to the team last scored UPON.
6. If the ball stops moving and you can't reach it, "Dead Ball" give it to the team last scored UPON.
7/8. You can call 'Time Out' if you have the ball. Make sure the other team is ready before you call 'Time In'.
16. You can't reach into the table for the ball while it is in play.
20. Be polite, no swearing, and have fun.
22. You can only have the ball for 15 seconds in any one place.


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