Monday, December 1, 2008

Beer Pong (also known as Beirut, lob-pong, BP, etc) is a drinking game where players throw ping pong ball on the table with the intention to keep the ball in one of several glasses of beer in the other direction. The game consists of a series of two teams of players, one on each side of the table and a series of cones to create each page. [1] There are no official regulations, rules vary in May, but usually six or ten plastic cups arranged in triangles on each side. The number of players, which vary in May, and one of three or more.

When the ball falls into a cup, defense team choose to consume all the beer into the cup. The cup is usually filled. He also shared a cup of water to clean the ball between shots. In August 2008 Time article said that the Cup 1 / 4 to 1 / 3. [2] The game is won by eliminating all teams until all the cups with their own cups are eliminated. The team lost to consume all the beer back into the team won the crown. [1] The order of play is different - both players of the team of fire followed by two other players in the team, players or teams face the other and vice versa [3].

Today, beer pong played in parts of North America with schools and universities [4] [5] and other places, such as tailgating and other sports. [6] [7] The game is also obsessed with high school students, although the supply of alcohol to persons under 21 years in the United States, or the age of 19 in most provinces Canada, would be lawful. [8] [9]

Although these general rules that May be a series of changes and additions, which often vary by country, state or even the house in a beer pong game is played.

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